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August 12, 2010



Ori, I think it's a very good idea. I was fortunate tom listen to Eishay's talk, and now we are implementing continuos deployment at SaaSPulse.
I love the idea as I think it will help Israeli startups to compete more effectively.


Ori, an excellent idea!!!
You can count on me.

Simon Gelfand


I also think its a great idea

I just hope I will have something to contribute also

Shlomi Noach

Hi Ori,

Please count me in; it's been a while since I last gave a public talk. I can provide with MySQL discussions on my side.

Haggai Shachar

I'm in. Got some ideas to share/discuss..

Eran Harel

Good idea

Ori Lahav

Thanks Guys.
you can send me or comment here with Talks you can/want to give.
I will post them from time to time and will also create some site for this "talks exchange".


Itay Maman


I think your initiative (along with Uri Lavi's Software Craftmanship group, and Yardena Meiman's Programming Languages group) is an excellent idea.

I recall talking to Eishay (Smith), about a year ago, and hearing from him that he is going to a meeting of the Bay Area Scala interest group. I really envied him that day.

I'd be glad to contribute talks on topics such as design, refactoring, TDD/testing. These are based on the course that I teach at the Technion as well as internally at IBM.


Eishay Smith

Great idea!

Its very eye opening to have a toure in other companies and see how they operate and use technologies, on the other side have someone from the outside coming shake your point of view a bit.
How about doing "open house" events ? Its hard to make it really public because you don't want to expose your weaknesses and its not fun being criticized, so some sort of trust between members of such group is a plus.
I hosted many Israeli companies here at kaChing (Silicon Valley), its was helpful for me and I hope for the visitors as well.
If anyone's happens to come around here and wan't to check out how we do technology, please ping me.
I'll be more then happy to visit other companies as well.
Would be great to "institutionalize" such exchanges.


Ori Lahav

Now there is a home for the talks

It might be temporary but it's a wiki where you all can list your talks.

I will also update the post.


It's a fine idea. Couple of questions:
Why not create a public google calendar, for simpler schedule management?
Second - I'd imagine the talks will get more people if they weren't smack down in the middle of the work day.

Good on you for starting this!

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