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September 02, 2009



Congratulations on the new place :-)

Ori Lahav

Thanks Ram.

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That's great, and it's so modern. congratulations.


Office equipment

Looking good! I would even dare to say that this is some great design you've got there! I loved the lounge area! I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest!

Office equipment

No matter whether the particular employee had to invent something, think about something or just relax - unique and smart construction of office space in a comfortable atmosphere, sure will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the particular company. I'm sure that the social and psychological incomes will worth the money which spends on comfort pillows and the paintings on the walls:)

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indeed a love place to work in! everything well organized and looks real good!

Nursing maternity

lovely place i mean

fertileaid views

oh cool! it looks like not a office anymore. if i had that kind of atmosphere too i could work comfortable. LOL

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Chances are it was a vagrant or possibly even a sheet-web.

I've been getting a lot of them coming in as I live in an environment surrounded by bush. Apparently males wonder indoors looking for a mate but die of dehydration fairly quickly.

That product Miss Muppet's Revenge halts them in their tracks too !

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I just walk around, suprised by your blog,please give more information.

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Nice idea! I never try to make a flower tissue before, Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I've got an idea.

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My rental contract for that heated and comfortable workplace was about to end and since I increasing, there was no factor in advancing that contract.


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