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December 21, 2008


John LoGioco

that looks so fun Ori! great trip. how did you get the keys out? did you see any fish?

Ori Lahav

Thanks John,
As Israelis we tried to break into the car for about an hour. Then we gave up and called some professional.
It took him some time to get to us but it was a great opportunity to make some herbal tea and have a full dinner from the trip leftovers. which was great.
and... As in Israel, lots of fishermen with long rods. but less fish.
BTW: next time you are around, we should go to the Sea of Galilee.

Process Analysis,Brisbane

Good boating... thanks for sharing this stuff

wench costume

Wow.. That was really fun! Paddling upstream is really difficult especially if your not that "every-day-kayak-person".

dll injection

Wow! Interesting photo! Hmm I love the first photo..So great! Really awesome trip!!

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