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October 18, 2006



Ori this was great blog! Great indeed.

I read it breathless and I like it a lot.

Only one thing I did not get. what the hell is "Bosen" ?

Keep on writing.

Ori Lahav

Shemsh - my shiny sun.
Thanks for the cmplements.

He's the man incharge for the sailing equipment, and for the "operation" of all the seamanship on board. you can consider it as VP ops.

stay tuned.



Very nice. I love it!

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On your issue of learning to communicate with a phone, we've been working on that as well. My son won't really talk on the phone, but he is intrigued with how his voice sounds, so he will play on it. The biggest increase I've seen in using a device was when we installed an intercom between the 1st floor and the 3rd. His dinner job is to call his sisters down for dinner. Now he loves using the intercom and even plays some phrase response ritual games with them - the same thing he does face to face.

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What a marvellous weekend, looks absolutely blissful from start to finish. I love the first picture of your table - it looks so summery and outdoorsy - all bright and fresh and warm and inviting. The evening bbq table looks wonderful too - am now really hoping for good weather this weekend so I can try to capture all the feelgood vibes that there are in your photos here.

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